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Registered Agents

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Northwest Registered Agent is roughly speaking the 3rd largest. They believe this is perfection. We have no desire to move up in the rankings, and we sure don’t have a desire to move down.

It’s the perfect place for us as a company.

It’s the perfect size of registered agent service for you as a client. Here’s why:

  • If you go with the biggest registered agent that has over 27,000 employees, no matter how many people they hire, you can never be anything more than Client Number: One million and whatever.
  • If you go with a smaller registered agent service, you are super important to them, and that’s really cool, but any little change or disruption for their business will translate into a massive problem for you. Their rent goes up? Who do they have to get that difference from? You. As you know there’s a lot that goes on day after day to make a business run and there’s a lot of risk going with a smaller registered agent service. The smallest registered agent services cannot dedicate the resources that we do to website security, online compliance tools, quality of offices provided, and connections with each secretary of state or corporations division.